We founded ADYTON to make our Vision come through. Everyone’s health is the most important part of their life. Quality of life-threatening healthcare conditions affect all of us, our families, relatives, peers, colleagues, neighbors, all humans around. We believe that everyone should be given a chance to be treated by news proven medical solutions.

ADYTON delivers solutions for life

We at ADYTON are making this possible by selecting the most advanced technologies manufactured by innovative companies with who we work closely together. We say that ADYTON „delivers solutions for life“. We do this by close partnerships with our suppliers from whom we do implement new solutions in Central Eastern Europe. We act as a prolonged hand taking care of the complex process of making a new treatment available. Starting with regulatory, reimbursement, clinical and technical support, marketing and sales activities, we have helped more than 200.000 patients in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland since ADYTON was transformed into a Medical Device Solutions Provider.

Our focus is on mini invasive approaches (catheter based, laparoscopy based and biological), to the treatment of Neurological (Stroke), Cardiac (Myocardial Infarction, Structural Heart, Atrial Fibrillation, Arrythmias and lead extraction) conditions including degenerative diseases in the Spine. Among those we do have a track record working directly with the customers/consumers of our solutions mainly in the area of Plastic surgery. Adjunct products include disinfections and hemostatics.

Our colleagues are the key to success. We strive for their continuous education and making them feel in ADYTON as if in their second family.